February 2nd Listening Session

February 2, 2015 @ Juvenile Justice Services Center
Milestone 1: All Children Enter School Ready
• Stable home
• Good breakfast
• Good hygiene
• Good neighborhood/community
• Positive role models
• Social skills
• Motivation
• Discipline
• Parental Guidance
• Perseverance
• Rest/Sleep
• Peer to Peer encouragement

Milestone 2: All Children Read at Grade Level by 3rd Grade
• Hands on interaction
• One-on-one help
• Doing work @home
• Good attitude
• Think about the future
• Be motivating
• Good role models
• Actions speak louder than words
• Training teachers
• Give examples
• Have a mentor
• Smaller classrooms
• Read to them and have them read to you
• Teachers focused on youth
• “3rd grade you can go to jail”
• Need to do it in order to get a job
• Harder to catch up after 3rd grade
• School, parents and youth need to pay attention
• More in school time spent on reading

Milestone 3: All Youth Graduate from High School
• Develop Family Networks
• Financial Incentives
• Better teachers
• Education parents
• More extra-curricular activities
• Tutors
• Guidance
• Parental involvement
• Self-confidence
• Brothers and Sisters

Milestone 4: All Youth Complete Post-Secondary Education or Training
• Free education
• One-on-one counseling, tutoring, peer-based
• Family support
• School outreach
• Gender/race specific school choices
• More interesting computer-based, neighborhood-based programs
• Better Communication/Marketing about what is out there
• Affordable schools
• College prep for jobs
• More grants/scholarships

Milestone 5: All Youth are Employed
• More Job opportunities
• Training about how to apply for a job: applications, interview skills
• More internships for experience
• Need alternate diploma programs
• End job discrimination and background checks
• Skills training
• More job training programs
• Clearer info about how to get a job
• Decrease the prison budget
• Need to see the change
• Focus on action
• High paying jobs
• Training on the soft skills: dress, office culture
• More entry-level job opportunities
• Allow youth to work at a younger age
• Help us learn how to handle disappointment
• Better resources that are easily accessible
• Keep it interesting
• More jobs
• People need to retire
• Better education systems
• Understanding the barriers

Milestone 6: All Youth are Safe from Violence
• Open up Recreation Centers
• Gun Control
• Stop drugs crossing the border
• After school programs
• Job Skills training
• Job Opportunities (takes people off of the street)
• Be a role model
• Learn to talk it out
• More caring adults
• Value our education
• More organized sports activities
• More Rec centers
• Vocational programs
• Inform youth about the laws
• More funding to keep programs going
• Better mentors and guardians
• More/better afterschool programs
• Mentorship
• Parental Assistance
• Positive reinforcement
• Curriculum reflective of personality
• More afterschool programs
• Better schools motivate youth to be in school which leads to involvement on afterschool programs that kids want to do such as cooking, auto mechanic, construction and this leads to more job options
• Personal Responsibility

• Invite Youth To leadership meetings
• Avoid negative energy
• Volunteer
• Run an afterschool program
• Peer meditation
• Youth help other youth
• Be your own leader
• Better programs within the JJSC
• Better JJSC legal representatives
• Think of your actions before you do it
• Centralized place to find/apply for jobs
• Drop the GPA requirements for post secondary school acceptance
• MBK actually taking action
• Youth Community Meetings
• Expand the Police Athletic League (PAL) program
• Better training for police officers
• Employers should not discriminate against tattoos and outward appearance
• Career Day at schools
• Providing 2nd chances
• Youth Entrepreneurship programs
• Youth job fairs

• Parents
• Mentorships
• Keep it interesting
• Offer Interesting programs
• Motivate youth
• More Jobs
• One-on-one attention
• Better Communications/Marketing about what exists


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