How Obama is Addressing the Crisis Among Boys and Young Men of Color

Capital Outlook covered President Obama’s presence at the National Action Committee’s panel regarding the crisis among boys and young me of color.

Broderick Johnson, President Barack Obama’s representative at the discussion, part of NAN’s annual convention, was center stage. Johnson, who is Obama’s assistant and White House Cabinet secretary, also chairs the task force for the president’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which launched in February 2014 and seeks to empower young men of color.

Johnson, who coordinates a broad coalition of federal agencies and private-sector partners, said that the president has long been concerned—since his days as a community organizer—about the issues that hinder young men of color.

“In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the president felt a sense of need to do something big,” Johnson told The Root. “What also motivated him to launch MBK was his unique position [as president] and ability to bring like-minded people together around his passion for this issue.” An early benchmark of success, Johnson said, is the positive nationwide response. Nearly 200 cities (including the nation’s largest urban centers) and 17 tribal nations have accepted the MBK Community Challenge.

Keep reading here.


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